Job hunting is hard. 

Hard to know who to trust, where to turn first, why you aren’t hearing back, what to say, what not to say. Headf&%k comes to mind. 

Then there’s ‘not jobhunting’. Just like window shopping. Wanting to understand what’s out there, what your next move could be, seeing which employers could add real value to your experience and where you sit in the marketplace. 

We get it. 

We’re launching our #think68 campaign to change the way hospitality managers job hunt in the north.

‘One click apply’ is soul destroying.

Never hearing back is confidence shattering.

Not knowing where you stand – so last year.

Being unsure of the authenticity of an employer – bore off.

Jobhunting on your own. Simply unnecessary. 

We want managers to #think68. To come to us as their first point of call in their job-hunting journey. A recruitment pal, if you will. An expert on their team. 

It’s a bold move from a recruiter, we hear ya. But we’re encouraging everyone to #think68 – whether the job is through us or not. So the cynics can pipe down. It’s birthed out of sheer frustration in hearing all the horror stories from managers who find themselves in rubbish jobs, or in shitty processes. Enough is enough. 

So how does it work? Get in touch! Through any of our channels – our favourite being our especially created email:

Get the ball rolling, and we’ll be back to you within 24 hours.


  • Set up a time for a phone chat
  • Talk about your current role and the challenges you’re facing
  • Ask about your drivers – what’s important for your next move? Why?
  • Create your 68LOCKER. A space for all your notes, hopes, emails, docs and dreams (and a lovely pic)
  • Assign you a buddy. A recruitment mentor, friend and expert. Direct Whatapps for all. Woop!
  • Give you honest and timely feedback, everytime
  • Give you access to all our industry training and events


  • Work with shitty employers
  • Contact you about jobs that would be a waste of your time
  • Oversell an opportunity
  • Lie!

So, if we can help you at all on your pursuit of job happiness, #think68 and get in touch with your CV to

Happy Hunting.