An insight into our CLASSOF68 pilot workshop…  

9:00  – School bell rang (not literally but you get the idea…) and the pilot for the Radically Candid Leadership workshop began. 

9:03 – It soon became apparent that this wasn’t a classroom at all, in fact, an immersive, collaborative and open space to discuss finding the balance between being a harsh, overly critical manager and the kind of manager that is more worried about being liked than getting the job done. 

9:15 –  An insight we can all relate to, it’s estimated that between 30 and 40% of assistant manager level hospitality employees have left the industry in the last 2 years. A heartbreaking but not surprising stat for most people in the room. A room full of hospitality managers at various levels – all feeling the reality of challenges caused by the ‘mass exodus’ of the workforce following the pandemic.

9:30 – We took a deep dive into Radically Candid Leadership, learning that feedback is two way, rockstars are superstars too, you should always be ready to rumble and how to be K.I.N.D like you have never been kind before… also, s**t sandwiches should NEVER be on the menu. 

10:30 –  Sharing anecdotes about what it means to manage and be managed. It became evident the heartbreaking stat we learnt at the beginning has had a huge impact. Those who remained loyal and committed to the industry we love wholeheartedly have stepped up (they deserve all the praise in the world) – managing teams quicker than they can learn on the job and gain experience over time.  Naturally, seeking guidance on developing and training their teams whilst continuing their personal development. With all the goodwill in the world, untrained people, training people does not inspire a long-term career in hospitality, the anecdotes confirmed this and CLASSOF68 is here to stop this!

11:00 – We took a quick break, did I mention all the coffee you can drink? Or a soft drink if the caffeine jitters have kicked in! 

12:00 – Cally, the Head Coach, explained how to be Radically Candid in real life situations and we all made commitments to ourselves about how we’ll practice what we have learnt. Minds were left whirling with ideas, yet information was open to interpretation and everyone was left extremely excited to implement – It felt like we were being navigated through a  path we have previously found strenuous, through no fault of our efforts, and Cally showed empathy for the past and enthusiasm for the future – a true hospitalitarian. 

1:00pm – The session came to a close but not until we all shared our thoughts and feedback… It was a pilot after all. It seems right to share them here:

“I thought the delivery was strong. I felt comfortable to join in which isn’t always the case in training sessions. It can be uncomfortable to chime in and potentially give the wrong answer. Nevertheless I felt comfortable adding.”

“Eye opening. Thought provoking. Collaborative. Wish I’d heard it all sooner!”

 “Inspiring, thought provoking, positive and also a good networking opportunity. Drinks after next time?! X”

 “Super engaging workshop that includes methods of giving real feedback”

 “Very comfortable and enjoyable approach to learning without being too stuffy or uptight. Left room for personal interpretation and expansion”

Massive congratulations to Cally Bannon-Smith and a HUGE thank you to all those who attended our  CLASSOF68 pilot and shared your valuable feedback.

We cannot wait to go live & we’re counting down the days until June 16th… 

If you work with people and want to hear more you can register interest here.