Talking 'bout a Revolution

For Bryan Ferry, love was the drug. For me, its hospitality. How many people can say that about the industry they work in? Very few. And yes, I’m unashamedly addicted.

As we welcome another consultant into our team who comes from a pure hospitality background, it got me thinking about how we can fill the inevitable void she will no doubt feel. Sixty Eight People is a pretty special place to work (if I do say so myself) but we have to try and make sure that every day is as exciting and fulfilling as working that floor on a Saturday night. 

Everyone talks about it. We all know what it is. ‘The buzz’. Until you have felt it…

The Tale of the Three Hunters

This is the tale of the three hunters. Job hunters to be precise. It’s a perilous tale of promise, of disappointment, of naivety and mistrust and of choice – carefully considered choice.

Let us introduce you to our hunters – all three of whom were striding through the promised lands of…