We know only too well how hard recruitment is right now. From no-shows and counter offers, to changes of heart and people leaving the industry completely. It’s a mine field.

Applications to online advertisements are at an all time low, and based on our internal observations, the traditional methods of recruitment aren’t working. So, what now?

We want to reach out to operators who are finding it tough, feeling drained and want to find the most efficient and effective way to recruit. People who need a ‘no bullshit’ consultancy – a bunch of industry experts ready to help, with a network of superstar job hunters.

This week alone, Sixty Eight People have:

  • Created 6 shortlists for hard to fill roles
  • Saved a new ops director days of time by sourcing him a head of training and operations manager
  • Advised a client that their benefits package wasn’t strong enough to attract who they need
  • Suggested a client try a 4 day week to help attract better candidates
  • Explained to a client that their offered salary was £5k below market value, which was their barrier to finding the right person
  • Suggested a client support their managers with recruitment marketing, rather than re-training interview techniques
  • Strongly advised a client not to offer a role after one interview, as the candidate needed breathing space and time to reflect/engage
  • Told 3 operators we aren’t the best people to help, but put them in touch with other agencies who have a better network in that location
  • Advised a client they need a head of people – sharpish

For us, recruitment is all about honesty. We always support our clients in the best way we can – whether that means helping you craft your employer brand, giving some home truths about your management structure, or organising free training sessions for your team. But don’t just listen to us – see below what some of our brilliant partners have to say…