Job Hunting 101

Job Hunting 101

I’m a recruiter in title (a hospitality one mind - so cut from a slightly different cloth). I run a business full of people who are on a crusade to change lives, disrupt recruitment and shape our industry. Put simply - we connect people. We connect great managers to great employers and support them through a wonderful job finding journey. I bloody love it. My heart sings every time I hear the words ‘you changed my life’.

However - there are some people we are unable to help – or certainly not help as effectively as we would like. This little brain regurgitation I wrote, after one hell of a day, is aimed at them. These are the guys who ‘applied to a load of things last night online’. The dreaded ‘one-click’ apply. A scattergun of CVs to any advert that happened to be in the salary range.

‘FFS !‘ I shout, silently.

Now I know you didn’t know – and I know you thought that ‘volume’ was a good way to get yourself out there – but it wasn’t. Because for now, you sit in the abyss. A pile of CVs, sometimes never hearing back, often a case of ‘computer says no’, perhaps never knowing why no one called – and going on this journey alone.

So what should you have done?

Well let’s rewind slightly:

You are starting to get itchy feet, starting to look at what’s out there.  You are bored. There is no progression. Your manager has pissed you off and is shirking weekends.  You’ve burnt out.  You’ve been ‘let go’ as the proverbial book has been thrown.

Whatever it is – you have moved into the ‘active job hunter’ zone. A scary zone. The unknown. A myriad of job ads, employers, linked-In connections, dreams, promises, benefits, and opportunities.

Not everyone knows this – but there is help out there. Free help. The help that guides you through this crazy world of recruitment. Help that has your best interests at heart.

Now I hear you shout, ‘Feck Off’. Not everyone has had a great experience with a recruiter. There are horror stories. And for that I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have had a shit experience – that someone never called you back, someone sent your CV without your permission, someone mis-sold you a role. Sadly, there are a lot of douchebags out there so I’d like to offer some advice on what good looks like.

Good – calls you back when they say they will, good listens to your needs and carefully matches them with an employer, good helps you prepare for your interview, good re-assures you that you have what it takes, good understands you need more time, good negotiates the salary you deserve, good checks in on you, good keeps in touch, good remembers you and makes you feel special.

It’s not complicated. Being a great recruiter is really just being great at hospitality. And I know you know exactly what that means.

What’s my advice then? Well, find a great recruiter for a start – do this by researching them, asking who they work with, checking out their values – are they a match for your needs or do they cover eight sectors with one minor one being hospitality, do they know shit about the actual industry???

Once you have found your recruitment partner - talk to them. Make them your first point of call every time. Have a hand to hold and an expert to advise.  Laugh, cry and celebrate together on this weird old job-hunting journey – this pursuit of happiness.

And if you’d drop us a line I can tell you exactly where to find this recruitment heaven.

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