Ten Ways to Ensure You Bag a Superstar

Ten Ways to Ensure You Bag a Superstar

After many years working in-house as Head of Recruitment for Revolution Bars Group, followed by a move into agency, it’s fair to say that our Founder, Abi, has learnt quite a bit about finding superstars.  

Here are her Top 10 tips:

1. Know what ‘great’ looks like for your organisation

A starting point to all great recruitment is knowing what you are looking for. The best way to do this is to identify the behaviours of your existing superstars. What makes your great managers great? At Sixty Eight People we have found that many of our clients are looking, for example, for ‘drive’ and ‘initiative’. So, we can focus on these areas during our interviews and look for evidence that our candidates exhibit these traits.

2. Create an advert that packs a punch

Your job advertisement has less than ten seconds to impress a potential candidate. It needs to be sparky, to the point and really engage with its intended audience. Long adverts that are ultimately job descriptions can look boring and superstars will immediately switch off. It’s essential to highlight your benefits, opportunities for candidate development, and why you are the best of the best.   

3. Use a great recruiter

Your amazing advert will no doubt attract active job hunters. But as we have learnt time and time again, often the best candidates aren’t even job hunting. You need access to those superstars who aren’t looking so at least you are putting them into your process. Chose a specialist recruiter that works within your niche. I would suggest that ‘hospitality’ isn’t even a small enough niche. A contract catering background is unlikely to work in a cool pizza palace – so using a consultant with that network isn’t going to resolve anything. You need a recruiter who has direct relationships with the people you are looking for. I appreciate this isn’t easy to find as everyone is selling you their ‘unique’ talents. A recruiter with testimonials from similar concepts is a good start. 

4. Look for world class

At Sixty Eight People we analysed our last one hundred candidates placed and found some interesting patterns: 78 per cent of people had completed a university degree. 67 per cent had been in their last role for 12 months or more. 55 per cent had already been identified as a superstar in their last company as they had been promoted within the role. 91 per cent were still in a role when we started talking to them. My point is: behaviour is repetitive. If someone has had an issue with their last three employers, they will have an issue with you. If someone hasn’t been identified for promotion in past roles, they are unlikely to develop with you. If someone has never seen things out until the end, they won’t with you. Seek out the top five or ten per cent during your CV filtering- why shouldn’t you?

5. Recruit on culture fit

A superstar is much more than a great CV. Only when the way a manager’s actions and behaviours are in line with your company values can both the business and the manager flourish. 

Culture fit is certainly not easy to define or recruit for but is possibly the most crucial part to getting it right. Our experience tells us that you are more likely to understand whether someone is a match for your business in a much more informal setting than an interview. But the take home is ‘if you are unsure – it’s a no’.

6. Make your process slick and engaging 

How you do anything is how you do everything. In such a competitive market place you cannot be complacent about your process. How long is it? How many stages are there? (Take it from me - more than two weeks and you will lose great people). How is someone made to feel on a trial shift? What’s the quality and timescale of the feedback? Are your interviews too long or too brief? Superstars need engaging from the off and everyone in your process needs to be on board, and not just HR. Superstars will end up with multiple offers and this will be about them choosing you – not the other way round. It’s tough out there.

7. Psychometric tests

I’m a fan. Always have been. I think the power of assessing your great internal managers and benchmarking your potentials against them is absolutely crucial. For the sake of around £75 per person – it’s a no brainer. Ask us if you want to hear more about who we would advise you to use to incorporate this into your hiring process.

8. Rock solid references

It sounds so simple but it often gets overlooked. It’s best to remember that all references given by a candidate and on a CV are highly likely to be positive. We would always ask for the previous three line managers and if a candidate was more senior than General Manager we would seek out direct report references too. The people you deserve in your team will just have great references across the board and won’t have anything to hide. It’s really that simple. 

9. Be world class

The time between someone being offered a role and starting it are the most vulnerable few weeks in the process. It would be wrong, fatal in fact, to think you have your superstar new starter sewn up just because they have accepted the role. Counter offers, a persuasive manager, a new offer, or a second thought can all upset things at the eleventh hour. Keep your wits about you and stay slick: offer letters issued within 48 hours, induction and training plans sent out in follow up, a welcome text or call from a big wig, a meet the team drink – all things we would encourage our clients to do once they have bagged their superstar. 

 10. Use a great recruiter

Have I said that already? 

If you would like a chat about how we can help you bag your superstar then please get in touch.


Talking 'bout a Revolution

Talking 'bout a Revolution