We’re working with GREENTHEUK to plant wildflower highways for bugs! 

They’ll be planted along routes to Liverpool and Leeds, starting from Manchester – helping bugs with their commute and we love it! 

We’re supporting our native pollinators and a range of other wildlife, contributing towards Biodiversity targets. The highways we plant will help our wildlife respond to climate change by making it easier for them to move around & all being well we should increase the number of insect pollinators. By helping the bugs, we’re saving the planet… 

Here’s our pledge (we find it more impactful when read whilst doing a Brownie/Scout salute!): 

“We pledge to contribute to the restoration of at least 150,000 hectares of flower-rich habitat across the UK to reverse the decline in pollinating insects.

For the pollinators & for the people…” 

We’ll be sharing updates over the next few weeks and a few of us may be attending a “plant” in the next few months – we can’t wait to watch this one grow! 

If you’re looking to address your carbon footprint and support the growth of a conservation project local to your business then we’d highly recommend reaching out to GreenTheUK to develop your own wildlife project.

We pledge to help Colin the caterpillar…

…you may know him?! He has got HUGE Biodiversity targets. The least we can do is help him with his commute.

We pledge to help Alan the bee…

He’s been busy working in Manchester. He wants to visit his family in Leeds whilst on his pollination mission. He would drive people on the train mad with his buzzing.

We pledge to help Emmeline the butterfly…

Emmeline needs to travel if she’s going to maintain her ecosystem service. Her wings may be beautiful but they can be restrictive when driving.