I first met Charlotte in 2006 when she walked into the agency I worked at, in search of her next move.

From the off I knew she was a badass. Hilariously funny, commercially astute and one of those girls who you just knew took no shit. London was on the hit-list and, like the good little recruiter I was back then, I managed to find her a dream job.

She took convincing on the vodka concept, but ‘Inventive Leisure’ soon became her home – and there stayed for the next 10 years. Not long after she started in the wonderful Rev’s Soho, I re-joined the company to head up their recruitment. The rest, as they say, is history. As with everyone in the noughties working for a late night operator, we worked hard and partied harder. 

As expected, Charlotte went on to great things. She reached the lofty heights of Operations within Inventive and went on to be People Director in what is one of the best operators on the planet – Mission Mars. When it was time for her next move, I have to admit that I couldn’t quite believe my luck!

Yet as the smoke cleared, both Charlotte and I knew the potential the brand had. Her love of people, our friendship, and our clear understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses all led to us to this turning point in the history of Sixty Eight. And so, the joining of forces was agreed. Business Partners was the plan. Or ‘BP’s as we now fondly refer to one another.

In the short time CK has been on the team, her strategic thinking, commercial know-how and tenacious vision has allowed us to make significant changes within the business.

I completely underestimated the beauty of having a co-crusader with which to talk through a plan. Charlotte has given us the confidence to grow and I couldn’t be more excited about Sixty Eight’s bright future right now. I told her it made me think of the Westlife song ‘You Raise Me Up’ (she did a little vom in her mouth, but hey ho). 

Aside from Recruitment World Domination, it goes as follows…

  • To support operators in sourcing their executive level talent. We have been asked more and more about this from our clients, and with Charlotte having previously held COO and People Director roles, it seems a no brainer.
  • To support more niches within the sector in finding superstars. Developing specialist divisions such as luxury and events is on the agenda for sure. 
  • Our love for people goes far beyond recruitment, which is why we plan to develop our training arm. We would love to offer consultancy for smaller businesses around all things people – especially those that might lack in the HO department.

As always, above anything we want to support our beloved industry. We’ve (very nearly!) made it through the tough times, but the staffing crisis remains at large. Our new plans aim to tackle this head on – not only by ensuring we retain our brightest stars, but also by finding exciting ways to attract new talent.

Our plans are HUGE. It’s a big deal making such a senior appointment in a small business (hence me banging on about it). But I tell you what – I have no doubt that this will be the best move I’ve ever made. 

Charlotte – The team and I are so grateful you have joined the crusade. 

This time next year Rodders… 

Abi xx