So sorry to hear that you’ve left us. We totally understand why. We were thoughtless, hard work, and didn’t listen to the things you really wanted from us. We asked things of you we shouldn’t have.

But we’re getting in touch to ask whether you might reconsider your decision. We’re trying so hard to change. Limiting our hours, improving our pay, considering real benefits packages and analysing how we better engage with everyone in the team. Are we too late? I hope not.

We want to limit the number of hours people work for their own wellbeing, but it’s so difficult to implement these changes right now due to staff shortages. Our warriors are at breaking point. Burnt out – not only by the strain of Covid, but also by the added challenge of smaller teams. yet again Working too many hours, but now with even more discerning customers and rules that sometimes seem nothing short of ridiculous.

Without your help, we fear we may lose more of our precious talent.

We are appealing to you in our hour of need. Perhaps you aren’t quite enjoying that new office job, not quite making the work mates you used to, not quite getting that buzz . If you’re on the fence at all, for any reason – please reconsider us. Give us one more shot.

This is the job hunters time. To interview the interviewers, to ask the right questions, to push for the things that matter to you. The ball is well and truly in your court.

We have learnt our lessons the hard way. We must do better, and we are doing all we can. But the thought of losing you forever is devastating.

You know where we are.